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Capital Markets Today

Jul 23, 2013

Frank Pallotta, Managing Partner of the Loan Value Group, discusses high risk borrower outreach and HARP origination. Loan Value Group's mission and focus is to offer a large-scale, low-cost, turn-key operating platform to positively influence consumer behavior on behalf of residential mortgage owners and servicers.

Jul 17, 2013

Tommy A. Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Mortgage Services and Certified Mortgage Technologist, discusses the most common loan defects in todays orignation landscape. Quality Mortgage Services is a company that specializes in mortgage loan audit reviews for compliance and quality control.

Jul 10, 2013

Michael Griffith, President  & CEO of FCI Lenders Services, discusses the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, a controversial piece of legislation that has far reaching implications for investors, servicers and foreclosure Trustee. This is required listening if you own or are considering purchasing loans in California....

Jul 3, 2013

Ron D'Vari, CEO and Co-Founder of NewOak Capital joins the broadcast to discuss NPLs, Interest Rates and REO to Rental institutional investor strategies.  Also, borrowers flocking to ARM loans? Ron was formerly with BlackRock where he was Head of Structured Finance Business.  He also helped to set up Penny MAC, a...

Jul 1, 2013

In this special edition of the broadcast, we will dissect Bernanke's speech and the following market turmoil that created the highest one week increase in interest in 30 years.   We will discuss the  impact on interest rates, housing values, credit availability and the default industry.