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Capital Markets Today

Sep 3, 2018

Welcome to Capital Markets Today and the DDC Financial Group’s European Investment Summit podcast series.The Summit is being held on September 25th in London England.Listeners can use code NSCM30 for a 30% discount when registering.

The methods for deal origination, sourcing and marketing have changed rapidly. Traditional methods for connecting investors with opportunities lack the same impact and scale required for today’s most promising deal opportunities.

Joining the podcast to discuss creative technology solutions for business networking and deal origination is Brian Pallas, CEO & Founder of Opportunity Network. 

Opportunity Network is the invitation-only platform that enables clients of the world’s premier banks to connect around business and investment deals. In just a few years, Opportunity Network has grown to include over 17,000 members from 122 countries and has hosted deal flow of over $145Bn.