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Capital Markets Today

May 23, 2017

FNMA, Freddie Mac and HUD have recently announced upcoming sales of non-performing and re-performing loan sales. Fannie Mae has three larger NPL pools totaling about $613 million in unpaid principal balance, the Community Impact Pools is $34 million in UPB and the re-performing loan pool totals $3billion in UPB. HUD announced a vacant NPL sale totaling $170 million in UPB and Freddie Mac announced a previously modified loan sale totaling $292 million in UPB. The NPL market continues to be driven by the government which feeds the secondary and tertiary markets.  Positioning your firm and raising capital is critical to be able to participate. Joining the podcast today is Bob Malecki, Managing Director at Resolution Capital Management LLC.  Bob manages a series of private equity funds designed to acquire senior distressed residential mortgage debt.