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Capital Markets Today

Jan 28, 2019

IMN NPL Mortgage Notes Forum, February 7th and 8th in Fort Lauderdale.  Listeners of the podcast can use code SP20 when registering for a 20% discount

The U.S. housing market will continue to face headwinds that likely will grow in strength according to seven leading housing economists interviewed by Think Realty’s Housing News Report for their annual housing outlook.

Home affordability challenges exacerbated by rising mortgage rates will slow home price appreciation in 2019 to the low single digits.  In addition, a slowing economy and inflated equity markets could further weaken demand for housing

Joining the podcast to discuss the investment landscape in 2019 is Jay Tenebaum, Founder & Vice President at AZP Capital.  AZP Capital is a real estate investment firm specializing in acquiring assets nationwide. Jay is also Editor in Chief of the US Real Estate Journal, an online publication covering all facets of real estate for investors.