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Capital Markets Today

Jan 26, 2019

IMN NPL/RPL Notes Forum, February 7th and 8th in Fort Lauderdale.  Listeners of the podcast can use code SP20 when registering for a 20% discount

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, unconventional loans are on the rise.  Credit agency DBRS has predicted a comeback for these loans as lenders try to boost business which has stalled due to increasing interest rates, home prices and a shortage of inventory.

The Wall Street Journal indicated non-prime loans could bring renewed risks to the housing market as an increasing number of traditional mortgage lenders look to non-QM loans to shore up profits in a tough mortgage market.

Joining the podcast to discuss distressed real estate and mortgage assets is Robert Napolitano, Principal and Fund Manager at Global Realty Investor Trust.  Global Realty Investor Trust’s investment strategy is designed to capitalize on a variety of distressed real estate related assets nationwide.