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Capital Markets Today

Jan 26, 2018

According S&P, both first and second mortgage default rates rose from November to December 2017. The composite default rate for all consumer credit loans covered by the data analysis was also up from November to December.  Lastly, the default rate on bank cards has been rising consistently since December 2015.  With increased defaults across the board, it is likely that asset managers will need to make strategic default and legal decisions with respect to their portfolio in the coming year. Joining the podcast to discuss strategic decisioning is Leslie Sharpe, Senior Vice President and In-House Counsel for Asset Management and Servicing at Rialto Capital Advisors.  Leslie is responsible for both legal and non-legal functions including risk management, acquisitions, sales, litigation, and bankruptcy.  She oversees the day-to-day operations of the company’s loss share agreements with the FDIC and manages all the audits and state license examinations.  Last year, she was awarded Legal Department of the Year for Outside Counsel Management by the Daily Business Review.