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Capital Markets Today

Dec 1, 2016

Up until recent years, REITs were the option of choice for investors who wanted to invest in real estate, but lacked a strong professional background in the industry. The economic crisis, low interest rates and the rise of sophisticated trading methodologies led millions of investors to search for alternative ways to search out, invest and manage real estate investments.  Crowd funding became a popular platform for investors to access the market.  Joining the podcast today is Gary Beasley, CEO of Roofstock.   Roofstock is the first online marketplace created exclusively for investing in leased Single-Family Rental homes that generate cash flow day one.  It’s also one of the fasting growing startups and has just announced another $20mm B round participation led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Prior to founding Roofstock, Gary was co-CEO of Starwood Waypoint Residential, one of the leading single family rental companies in the US.