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Capital Markets Today

Oct 12, 2017

Generally speaking, there are two types of note buyers; The institutional investor will purchase notes on a national basis with their own funds. They might hold for a long investment, liquidate or trade out and maybe even securitize on the secondary market.  The private investor purchases notes on a smaller scale, usually limited to a certain geographic region. The private investor market has grown significantly over the past several years creating a liquid market place to buy and sell on a smaller scale.  There is a certain level of knowledge that needs to be acquired for a private investor to be successful.  Structuring their investments, sourcing deals and managing their portfolio are just a few of the areas in which expertise is required. Joining the podcast to discuss alternative investments and private placement opportunities is Ryan Parson.  Ryan is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Heritage Capital USA, Inc. and Mile Marker Club, as well as the Director of Investor Relations at Colonial Capital Management. Ryan works with individual and business clients to provide financing solutions for all types of real estate and alternative investments.