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Capital Markets Today

Oct 11, 2016

One well-publicized consequence of the housing recession has been a decline in the homeownership rate in the U.S.  Falling house prices, job losses, increased foreclosures, and tightened consumer mortgage credit have all contributed to this trend.  Not only has this led to an increase in the rate of rentership overall, it has contributed ever widening affordable gap for renters wanting to purchase homes and renters looking for affordable rent. Joining the broadcast today to discuss the single family rental environment and the affordability gap is Rael Gorelick with Gorelick Brothers Capital.  Rael Gorelick has primary responsibility for investor relations for the Morrocroft family of funds.  From 2001 until co-founding Gorelick Brothers in 2003, Rael served as a senior marketing and business development consultant for Atlantic Assurance Group. Rael managed Atlantic’s expansion into Texas following that state’s adoption of home equity lending.