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Capital Markets Today

Oct 19, 2017

Most of us have seen REO inventory decrease and prices increase in our local markets. It has been harder and harder to find good deals in which to invest. NPLs offer an alternative to what is available on the MLS.  Pricing for NPLs is much less than real estate and you have several possible exits such as loan modification, refinance, Deed in Lieu, long term cash flow, Short sale, foreclosure, and even long-term rental. Joining the podcast to discuss the acquisition of NPLs is Chaze Guinn, President of Managing Director of Granit Strategic Investments.  Chaz has been instrumental in the architecture of the acquisition, portfolio management, investor relations, and trading platform at Granite. Chaz specializes in distressed whole loan trading, and has built a reputation on a track record of structuring, negotiating, and executing some of the hardest trades possible in the low-value market segment.  Granite is an excellent source for investors to purchase NPLs.