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Capital Markets Today

Jul 9, 2020

The latest long-term mortgage default projections from many analyst is now hovering around 7%.   This number will be bifurcated by loan product with FHA loans seeing the bulk of the defaults.  However, this number is pure projection and the long term number will depend on

  • Expiration of the supplemental unemployment benefits due to occur at the end of July
  • A further increase in the unemployment rates and continuing jobless claims.
  • And Potential decline in home values

Joining the podcast today to discuss the NPL market and its outlook is myself.  I was recently invited on an IMN podcast where I discuss the market and the launching of our shinning new Reg D distressed asset fund.  We are putting on the final touches on the fund and it should be ready to launch within the month. 

I am CEO and Founder of PEMCO Capital Management and our firm has been providing platform for institutional investor to gain exposure in niche sectors within the distressed residential mortgage and real estate markets.  With our Reg D, we are now providing our institutional platform to accredited retail investors as well.